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Car Removal Maribyrnong


Do you have a scrap car that needs collecting in Maribyrnong? We offer a free Car Removal Maribyrnong service for cars in any condition. Our car removal is quick and easy and most important, it’s legal. We offer scrap car removal for road worthy failures, insurance write offs, non runners, and our Car Removal Maribyrnong extends to vans and scrap trucks too.

Car Removal Maribyrnong

We pride ourselves on our fast efficient and friendly service and will provide you with the best possible assistance in dealing with your car sale.

Unlike other companies who expect to be given your car for free, Wreckzone car salvage pay straight-away for your car with zero hassle. Car Removal Maribyrnong offer FREE collection for any vehicle.

How can you sell your car in Maribyrnong?

  1. Get Your Quote To get your quote you can fill in the form or call our office on 04 4922 2425. We are open 8am – 6pm.
  2. Arrange Collection Arrange a convenient time for us to collect your vehicle.
  3. Get Paid We pay you immediately on pick-up.
  4. We take care of the paperwork All Vic Roads paperwork is taken care of by us. 
  • Braybrook
  • Footscray
  • Kingsville
  • Maidstone
  • Maribyrnong
  • Seddon
  • Tottenham
  • West Footscray
  • Yarraville

Car Removal Maribyrnong’s Car Buyer

If you’re considering selling a used car, Wreckzone could be the best place to get a free and instant quotation. When you sell a car with Car Removal Maribyrnong, we can guarantee quick, friendly and honest service to ensure that there’s absolutely no stress in your experience.

Wreckzone has been buying cars for over 15 years and have locations covering:

Our sales team have decades of experience and are always on hand to help, whether that’s with providing a quick scrap car valuation or some general advice about our services.

Sell your car in Maribyrnong

car wreckers Auckland

Using wreckzone to sell your car for cash is a simple and easy process. All you need to do is:

  • Fill out your car details in our free and no-obligation quote form
  • You will receive a valuation for your car on the same day based on model, make, mileage and condition
  • If you’re happy with your quote and want to proceed then the next step is to arrange an appointment
  • Usually at your Maribyrnong location, we inspect the vehicle and make sure it’s as you described.

After that, we will take care of everything from checks through to paperwork, to ensure your car is sold for the best and fairest price.

How quick can you buy my car?

With over 15 years’ experience buying and selling cars, we’re extremely proficient and knowledgeable. If you agree to sell your car to us, we can either pay same day cash in hand or arrange for a bank transfer within 2 working days.

Do you have car buying fees?

Wreckzone is unlike other online car buying services in that we do not charge any hidden or extra fees to sell your car to us. Our sales process if friendly, honest and entirely transparent.

We will provide you with the best deal for scrap cars collections services! Car Removal Maribyrnong, call 04 1072 6726 now to Scrap Your Car For Money.

Melbourne Scrap Car Guide 2019

Wondering how to sell unwanted car in Melbourne?

If you’re looking for a free scrap van or car removal service in Melbourne, you’ve certainly landed in the right place. Here at car collection, we make Melbourne Scrap Car Guide 2019 quick, easy, and hassle free. Offering a free collection service in Victoria region and absolutely no hidden charges, we will help you to compare over 100 car buyers for your scrap or damaged vehicle.

Melbourne Scrap Car Guide 2019

  • All Melbourne Suburbs
  • Huge Auto Buyer Network
  • Free Collection
  • Top Cash Prices

Get Your Car Valued Online for Free

Over the past 15 years, we have developed an online vehicle valuation and trade in service. All you have to do to sell your car online is enter your unwanted vehicle and contact details online, and we will give you a fair valuation for your car.

We are also known to offer free car pickup services in Melbourne, all you need to do is to call and expect a quick car valuation from one of our responsive Melbourne car wreckers staff. We will come and collect your car and process all auto recycling procedures in an environment friendly way. Our company also offer our pick up services throughout Victoria region.

Paying cash for all cars – any make & model

auto wreckers Auckland

We will pay you top cash for your car, van,truck, 4wd or ute. No matter what’s the condition, make and model of your vehicle. We’ll pay you top most price compared to other companies. For JapaneseEuropeanKorean and Australian we offer top prices that can go up to $12,000.

Cash for Scrap Vehicles (Melbourne Scrap Car Guide 2019)

You don’t have to deal with annoying endless emails and will disrupt your day with missed appointments and constant rescheduling your appointment or with silly questions that are useless from prospects that probably won’t buy your car or truck anyway and just trying to west the most important time. Wreckzone provides car wreckingtruck dismantlingcar for cash, and auto spare parts in Melbourne.

car wreckers Auckland

If you would like to sell your car the fast and easy way for quick cash  you are definitely at the right place! We buy any car whatever the age, model, brand, condition or mileage. We even buy damaged cars, scrap cars, running, not running and cars and vans with problems. We collect from all over the Victoria for free and with  no charges at all.

What kind of cars do WRECKZONE accept?

All kinds: everything from a damaged vehicle with a blown engine or transmission, to a mint 4WD that runs like new. There’s no better place to trade cars for cash and Wreckzone will most likely always be able to provide you with great cash for your unwanted vehicle. Wreckzone has been in business since its inception and from the very start, our focus has always been honesty and customer service. We will do our utmost to ensure that you get the most cash for your car, but we will never try to lead you on with fake quotes. We commit to deal and keep it. All it takes is a call or a quote request from you, and ten minutes of your time, to turn your used vehicle into the cash you need today. That’s all there is to it!

Sound good? Get started with a scrap car quote and arrange collection today!

Simply fill in a few details on our website to immediately request a scrap car quote. The next step is for us to chat with you about when’s best to pick up your car. We’ll pay you on collection, and then we’ll take care of the rest. Meanwhile, you get to go back inside with some extra cash in your pocket, and some feel-good vibes to go with it. What could be better?

Scrap Cars Brooklyn

Cash For Junk Cars Today Anywhere in Brooklyn 3012 VIC

We’ll buy your junk car anywhere in Brimbank, Hobsons Bay and the surrounding Brooklyn suburb today.  We’re close, we pay top dollar in cash and we tow your Scrap Cars Brooklyn away for free. Plus we buy EVERYTHING including:

  • Vehicles that are running or not running
  • Wrecked or scrap vehicles
  • Vehicles with No ownership or plates
  • Vehicles with water damage
  • Vehicles too expensive to repair
  • Vehicles collecting parking tickets
  • Vehicles with no keys
  • Vehicles with no wheels
  • Vehicles that are just old or unwanted

Most people in Brooklyn are surprised by the amount of cash we pay for their scrap and unwanted cars. We’ve been buying Scrap Cars Brooklyn for several years now and our efficiency and equipment allow us to pay more than other junk car buyers in Melbourne.

We own our tow trucks employ certified car removal team and have solid working relationships with all the Melbourne auto wreckers, junkyards and used auto parts suppliers.   This all adds up to more cash for your junk car in Brooklyn.  Call around if you like but we know you won’t find a better price or faster more courteous Scrap Cars Brooklyn.

Call Today – Cash Today………………….. 04 4922 2425

Get paid cash for your unwanted car anywhere in Brooklyn, Today!

Scrap Cars Brooklyn, Who Make it Easy

car wreckers Auckland

If you’re looking to sell your Scrap Cars Brooklyn you won’t find a more seamless transaction than the one we provide. Wreckzone is the junk car buyers in Melbourne and outside suburbs who make it easy to sell your vehicle. We offer:

  • Cash Payouts
  • Convenient Appointment Times (Same day if needed)
  • We Take Care of Paperwork
  • We Tow Away for Free Using Our Own Tow Trucks

If you’re looking to sell your junk car for cash in Brooklyn as easily as possible, we are the junk car buyers vehicle owners throughout the cities of Brimbank and Hobsons Bay rely on to make that happen.

Don’t just let it sit there! Our scrap car yard will pick up your vehicle anywhere within the greater Brooklyn area – FREE!

Find your local Melbourne Car Junkyard:

Scrap Cars Altona

Junk cars for cash in Altona 3018 with free pickup.

  1.  Sell us your used, wrecked, broken, or rusted junk car and get cash!
  2.  Wreckzone buy all cars! We’ll pick up your junk car free of charge and tow it away.
  3.  You’ll be paid right on the spot by one of our awesome Scrap Cars Altona program.

Scrap Cars Altona

Welcome to wreckzone, the fastest and easiest way to sell your car in Altona. We buy just about any type of vehicle, in any condition, across the entire Victoria state. Our free price guide lets you determine how much your vehicle is worth right now – and it’s probably more than you’re expecting. We’ll arrive at your Altona location to haul your unwanted vehicle away and pay you cash for Scrap Cars Altona; sometimes within just a day or two!

Here’s how the process works, how much money you can make and everything else you need to know about how to get cash for Scrap Cars Altona.

The Easy Way to Get Cash for Scrap Cars Altona

Is this your first time selling a junk car in Altona? Well, the traffic here might be hard to navigate, but selling your car doesn’t have to be. Turning your car into cash in Altona, Altona North or Altona Meadows is a simple three-step process:

  1.  1. Provide Details

    Using the form on our website, tell us your car’s year, make, model and trim. You’ll also need to describe its current condition. Be as detailed as possible so we can give you an accurate price quote.

  2.  2. Arrange Pick-Up

    From Laverton to Werribee and everywhere in-between, our Altona junk car buyers will pick up your car wherever its located. Schedule an appointment for pickup at your home, office or even on the side of the road. In most cases, we’ll be able to meet you within two or three days, and same-day pick-up might also be an option.

  3.  3. Collect Your Cash

    We’ll collect the vehicle, keys and title (if available). Then we’ll hand you either a check or cash. As long as your damage description is accurate, we’ll give you the exact price we quoted online. No hidden service fees, towing fees or other unexpected expenses.

Is My Scrap Car Worth Money?

car wreckers Melbourne

We buy unwanted vehicles in any mechanical or body condition, and we can probably offer much more than you’re expecting. While determining an exact estimate is impossible, here are some general ranges:

Cars with Extensive Damage

These are the eye-sores most people picture when hearing the phrase “junk cars.” These vehicles are probably banged up, rusted over and might not work at all. We’ll tow away just about any type of vehicle, even if it doesn’t run. Prices paid are typically determined by the size and weight of the vehicle. Typical rates range between $200 to the half dozen hundreds.

Cars with Moderate Damage

While these cars may or may not run, they’ll have a variety of working components. Depending on the type and quality of the parts, your car could be worth several hundred dollars or more.

Cars with Minimal Damage

We buy cars without major problems, too. You can sell your car quicker to us than any auto wrecking yards throughout Melbourne. Plus, auto salvage businesses often like to haggle on price, while we provide a clear rate with no hassle.

Car Removal Warrnambool

Our Auto Salvage Yards Pay Top Dollar & Offer Free Junk Car Removal Warrnambool Victoria Australia

WRECKZONE pays Cash for Junk Cars, high-mileage cars, damaged, wrecked or just plain worn out old utes as well as junk vans, trucks and RV’s.

They Do Not have to be running for you to get good cash. The Towing and Car Removal Warrnambool is Always FastFree & Arranged to fit your Schedule.

Car Removal Warrnambool

We always pay Top Dollar and can Remove Your Junk Car that Same Day if you call before 6PM Warrnambool time.

The Amount of Cash we pay depends on the Condition of the vehicle and whether or not we Salvage, Junk or Scrap your vehicle .

We are Not a Used Car Dealer and do Not resell vehicles.

Call  Now for a Quote, it takes less than 10 minutes, and sell your unwanted vehicle Today.

How to Get Cash for a Broken Car/Truck?

car wreckers auckland

If your car is too old or too costly to repair, then the best option available to you is to sell your broken car to us! While it may sound strange that something broken has value, one man’s junk really is another’s treasure. In order to make money off your broken car, you need to find someone that has an interest in the parts that have value or still work. A dealership won’t consider it since its too big of a risk. Your best option, however, is to scrap you unwanted vehicle with Car Removal Warrnambool service.

Cash For Junk Cars Warrnambool 3280

truck wreckers Brisbane

We Pay Cash for any Make or model autos, vans, vehicles, SUV. You will Get Cash For Car Removal Warrnambool. call ASAP and obtain cash for car or truck. extremely quickly our company offer you cash and Free Removal Of junk vehicles, van, truck or SUV with trouble free in Warrnambool. If you require making Car Removal Warrnambool, you should call us first. It’s our objective to bring the finest service in Warrnambool.

If you can sell it then the first thing you should do is look up an estimate online. Get a quote from us, since we can guarantee you the fairest price and most reliable ease of sale. We will tow your broken car off your property for free as soon as the next business day! Call Melbourne auto wreckers today at 04 4922 2425!

Driveable vs Non-Drivable Car

car wreckers christchurch

Clearly, a driveable car is worth more than a completely broken down one. Usually, other scrap commercial wreckers companies will also charge for towing of a non-drivable car, but not us – Wreckzone will tow your car in any condition absolutely for free!

As a leading, we work hard to provide only the best spares for a great range of makes and models. Recycled spares are not just for older cars, as we have a significant selection of parts for late-model cars such as:

Sell your Junk Car to Car Removal Warrnambool!

car wreckers sydney

If you no longer need your old vehicle, sell it to Car Removal Warrnambool! We will buy any kind of vehicle from cars and trucks to vans and SUVs, in any condition, year or model. Wreckzone will provide you with a free estimate, free towing and the fairest price for your junk car! Contact us today by filling out our convenient form or call 04 4922 2425!

How it Works?

  1. Get an Instant Quote by Calling 04 4922 2425
  2. Set up an Appointment with our Car Removal Warrnambool team.
  3. Our Driver will pay you CA$H on the spot.
  4. We will Tow the unwanted vehicle away to our car wrecking yard in Laverton Facility Free of Charge.

Auto Salvage Laverton North

We’re always looking for scrap vehicle of all types

Auto Salvage Laverton North

We have been wrecking cars for decades and have been in the industry for over 10 years, so are experts in Auto Salvage Laverton North. Our car removals are free and you could earn up to $7000 today for a sedan or hatch car! We also don’t charge any extra costs for handling administration, so you will always make money by using us. We also follow official guidelines and will take care of all the paperwork that is involved as per VicRoads requirements.

From the moment you call Auto Salvage Laverton North to ask for a cash for cars quote, we will do everything in our power to offer you the best price for your vehicle and will always give you any information that you need. We want your sale to go as smoothly as possible and all of our team are friendly, honest and approachable.

As a leading, we work hard to provide only the best spares for a great range of makes and models. Recycled spares are not just for older cars, as we have a significant selection of parts for late-model cars such as:

Why pick our car breakers and car scrap dealers in Laverton North?

car wreckers Perth

What are you looking for from a car scrap company? We will make it easy and quick for you to scrap your vehicle. All you need to do is call us and we can give you a unique quote based on the information you give us, including the age and condition of your vehicle, mileage and so on. We will give you a price that we will stick to – the only thing that may affect the price is if you have taken off parts of the vehicle without telling us. As long as your description is accurate – the price we tell you is the price we will pay!

All our cars are recycled in line with the latest regulations at our car wrecking yard in Laverton and all parts that can be removed and recycled will be, to minimize landfill.

Here are some other reasons you may choose to use our Auto Salvage Laverton North:

  • Convenient way to scrap your car in Laverton & Laverton North
  • The best price for your end of life vehicle
  • We take your car no matter what make or model
  • Up to $7000 cash paid for unwanted vehicles
  • Free car collection
  • Environmentally-friendly recycling process
  • Fully licensed and working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Friendly and reliable service

Call us today for professional scrap car removal in Laverton North

To hear more about how we can help you get rid of your scrap car, please call our Auto Salvage Laverton North team on 04 4922 2425 or you could also fill out an online contact form with details and one of our team will call you back.

For more information, please pick up the phone and call us today on 04 4922 2425.

Scrap Cars Manor Lakes

Welcome to Scrap Cars Manor Lakes by WRECKZONE

Have a vehicle you need to get rid of? 

Has your car/truck/van seen better days?

Maybe it’s the eye sore of the neighborhood?

Is your vehicle in need of more work than it’s worth?

Scrap Cars Manor Lakes

If so, you have come to the right place! With Wreckzone, you can enter your registration number into our website, receive a quote and if you’re happy with the offer, accept it and we will simply pay you your money and pick the vehicle up to take it out of your hands. Our Scrap Cars Manor Lakes service is reliable, cost-effective and we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best valuation for their vehicle.

At wreckzone, we like to see our customers happy and that’s why we operate 7 days a week, so any queries and questions you have, however major or minor, feel free to contact us at any time.

Why Choose Us to Scrap Cars Manor Lakes 3024?

There is no doubt that one time in your life, you have had a car gathering dust, taking up space on your drive – as a team at Scrap Cars Manor Lakes, we like to ensure the process of scrapping your car is as hassle-free as possible. We offer our services in all locations around Melbourne, Werribee and Geelong so if you’re interested in receiving cash for your car – request a free instant quote.


If you have been thinking about scrapping your car for a while now but can’t quite justify getting rid of your first ever car, you will when you realize that we give you the best price in Manor Lakes suburb! Also, if you have a vehicle which no longer runs efficiently, is beginning to fail RW’s and is becoming unreliable – then the expense of continuing to run the car will begin to increase and you will no longer feel the need to keep running your precious car!  In the long run, you will be saving money and will have received cash from us allowing you to put it towards a deposit for a newer car!

Our Scrap Cars Manor Lakes Experts

When you look to scrap your car, you want to make sure you are going to a company who can be trusted to give you the best possible service. All our team are friendly individuals who are welcoming, and happy to help in every instance. They make the experience of scrapping your car quicker, easier and stress-free.

Interested in Scrapping Your Car?

car wreckers sydney

Scrapping your car has never been easier than with WRECKZONE, interested in our service? Then request a free instant quote or give us a call on 04 1072 6726 and we will ensure you receive our free estimate for your car in no time!

Sell your car for scrap in Manor Lakes 3024

Here at WRECKZONE, we are a friendly, professional and reliable business, and we pride ourselves on our level of customer care. If you are looking for car breakers in Melbourne to sell your car for scrap, we are the people to call. We take all types of vehicles, from RW failures, non-runners and accident-damaged cars to vans and truck wreck of any model or mechanical condition.

Find your local Melbourne Car Junkyard:

Melbourne Car Junkyard


Wreckzone is Laverton’s scrap car yard if you’re after almost any used car part. Most people ignore this last stop in the automotive life cycle and choose new parts from a nice, safe dealer installed at expensive rates. If, however, you like to add a dash of adventure to your car repair, you should definitely check out a junkyard before shelling out for new parts. For the uninitiated, these places can be intimidating, but that needn’t be the case. A good automotive recycler offers a priceless mechanical education as well as wide range of affordable parts.

Melbourne Car Junkyard

Pick your Auto Part at Melbourne Car Junkyard

Junkyards come in two styles; you-pick and full-service. At you-picks, customers bring their own tools and personally wrestle parts from derelict cars. Full-service yards will pull requested items and deliver them to the front desk, where payment is collected, though this convenience comes with added cost. My preference is definitely Full-service yards, which offers endless opportunities for mechanical advice. Plus, their low operating costs mean these businesses are popping up all over the place lately.

When you’ve found a yard, call ahead to find out what they specialize in. Some scrap yards deal primarily in European car parts, others in Japanese auto parts, or vintage. Most are generalists and stock what the market both supplies and demands. If you have a unpopular car model, ask if they have your model before spending time wandering around. They might know; they might not. The likelihood of finding that window-crank handle for your Lexus LS is pretty low because the supply and demand aren’t there. Conversely, you’ll probably find piles of pickups, vans, midsize sedans, and utes. Wrecks come and go regularly, so try to find out when the new scrap car come in – they have the best selection of parts. Remember, these places buy crashed and abandoned cars to recycle them, so selling their parts is a happy bonus.



Most people go to junkyards for parts; used car tyres, cylinder heads, lights, glass, body panels, and suspension pieces are popular. There are other things to do in junkyards, though. Gumtree hunters pick out expensive parts and sell them online; airbag modules and computer boxes are targets here. You can find switches, speakers, air springs, and other widgets useful for DIY projects. My favorite junkyard pastime is learning. Every car is made a little different, and any engineer will tell you the best way to understand how a thing works is to take it apart. Find a car with a part you don’t understand, such as a differential or transfer case, take it apart, and then try putting it back together. If it doesn’t go back, that’s okay. Got a big project coming up and want some practice? Junkyards are a great way to try out a repair or modification before the real deal. The junkyard is really what you make of it; whether you go for parts or mechanical window shopping, just make sure to get your hands dirty.

Find your local Melbourne Car Junkyard:

Car Salvage Geelong

Your Favorite Geelong Car Removal

You can rely on our Car Salvage Geelong for fast, friendly service and the best cash quotes for vehicles. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to help!

Get a FREE quote from our cash for cars team

Want to know how much cash you can get for your old car? Of course you do! All you have to do is call us on 04 4922 2425 or fill out the form on the right and we’ll get in contact asap. You can find out more about our cash for cars here. Read more about our Car Salvage Geelong team below the image.

Car Salvage Geelong

FREE vehicle removal anywhere in Geelong

On top of paying cash for your vehicle, our removal service is completely free. We’ll pickup your vehicle from anywhere in Geelong and take it away and it won’t cost you a thing. Find out more about our car removal services here.

As a leading, we work hard to provide only the best spares for a great range of makes and models. Recycled spares are not just for older cars, as we have a significant selection of parts for late-model cars such as:

Swift service from helpful auto wreckers

We know you don’t want your broken old vehicle lying around any longer than it has to so we will respond as fast as we can to your removal request. When our team show up, they’ll work as efficiently as possible to make the whole process stress-free for you. You can book our scrap car buying.

Removal and dismantling for all vehicles

No matter whether you’re wanting to get rif of a car, van, 4WD, ute or truck, we’ll pay you for it. No matter what make an model, we’ll pay you for it. And no matter what condition it’s in, we’ll pay you for it! It’s really that simple. Just give us a call or use the form on the right and we’ll give you a quote.

car wreckers auckland

Helping keep Geelong clean of scrap vehicle

Geelong is the second busiest city in Victoria hence, we need preserve it for next generation and we don’t need vehicles breaking down into the soil and waterways. When you have your car, 4WD or truck removed by Car Salvage Geelong, you can be sure that every part will be recycled and anything that remains afterwards won’t be left to pollute our environment!

Find your local scrap car dealer:

More information on auto wrecking services

Wikipedia page about auto wreckers

Wikipedia page about cash for cars

Contact Us Today

For a fast and friendly car removal in Geelong, just give us a call. We service all suburbs of Geelong with fast and friendly service that pays when you have us perform your free car removal. Car Salvage Geelong accept all makes and models of any age and condition. Just give us a call at the number below.

Call us at 04 4922 2425

Auto Recyclers Laverton North


Find used car spares and vehicle parts suppliers for all makes and models of motor vehicles in Laverton area. Auto Recyclers Laverton North link you to a supply chain of motor manufacturers dealerships and auto spares suppliers that stock the original manufacturers parts or the aftermarket spares to suit your budget.

Auto Recyclers Laverton North

We stock a wide range of used auto parts for most vehicle makes and models, including engines, gearboxes and body parts.  We have vehicles and stock flowing in weekly.

WRECKZONE also has a large quantity of vehicles currently being stripped for spares, as well as a large supply of used car parts for you to browse through at our second hand parts business in Laverton North, Melbourne. 

Your request for the correct parts requires accurate information to be supplied such as: vehicle type, make and model, engine number, gearbox codes and any other important information you can supply. Remember the more information you supply, the better your search results will be in getting the correct parts Engine and VIN numbers can be found on the licence disc of your vehicle.

As a quality Melbourne car wrecker, we work hard to provide only the best spares for a great range of makes and models. Recycled spares are not just for older cars, as we have a significant selection of parts for late-model cars such as:


  • We offer a fast, easy and secure way to sell your car.

  • We come to you and buy your car (Melbourne wide).

  • All payments are immediate by way you prefer (Cash, Online Banking).

  • Your car financed? No problem, we do settlements.

  • We do all the paperwork and roadworthy tests offering you a hassle-free transaction.

  • We buy cars, trucks, 4×4’s, all makes and models.

  • We also buy accident damaged vehicles or non-runners.


For more information about our service range, please call us at Auto Recyclers Laverton North and speak to one of our friendly staff members.

Get Cash Quotes