Car Recycling Melbourne

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2020)

Scrap Car Removal Melbourne

We are pleased to offer you fast, reliable (and free!) old car removal and across Melbourne metropolitan area. No matter what condition your vehicle is in, call us today and we will come and collect it!

Car Recycling Melbourne


As part of our services in new and old car collection, Car Recycling Melbourne can collect:

  • Unwanted cars
  • Used cars
  • Wrecked cars
  • Broken cars
  • Old & New cars
  • Any Make and Models

We offer used, damaged and scrap car removal and disposal services, as well as recycling of old cars and scrap metal recycling. We can either pick up your vehicle on the same day, or you can specify another pick-up date. We can also arrange for an after-hours pick up if that is more convenient.

Before We Arrive

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  • Make sure you check your vehicle thoroughly prior to your free car removal, to ensure that you all your personal items are removed.
  • Remove the registration plate numbers; if you have any difficulty removing the number plate, please do not hesitate to ask our friendly truck drivers to remove them for you.
  • To ensure speedy process, please make sure that the vehicle is in an accessible position for our truck to reach it.
  • Have your driver’s license handy so we can prove your identity.

Why Recycle Cars for Cash?

At Melbourne auto wreckers we not only buy junk vehicles but also buy unwanted cars that can still be used on the road, in this case we will pay more than a wreck. Our prices are based on either scrap metal prices when buying wrecked car or in the case of your vehicle being able to be repaired and put back on the road we will pay a price depending on the condition and if it is viable for us to repair. Sometimes cars have mechanical problems which cost more than car market value.

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At wreck-zone, we buy and sell all used and junk cars for cash today – All years, makes & models in any condition. With Guaranteed pricing, FREE TOWING & CASH PAID on the spot. Car Recycling Melbourne buy and sell your old, wrecked, damaged and unwanted car removal for cash Hassle free. Simply provide us with the year, make & model and a small description of what is wrong with your unwanted vehicle (Car, Van, 4×4, Truck…) & within seconds we can quote you with the highest CASH for your unwanted vehicle.

Car Recycling Melbourne is based in Laverton servicing for all types of Scrap Metals, Unwanted Cars, Junk Cars, Free Car Removals, Wrecked Cars, Smashed Cars, throughout Melbourne metro areas. We offer Cash for Scrap Cars, specialize in Old Car Removals, Car Wreckage Removal, Recycling of old cars and Scrap Metal Recycling. Please note that we do not do any scrap white good products.

We provide you with transport and staff to collect, clear or even dismantle Scrap Metal material or Scrap Cars, where it is possible. We have a team that can visit your premise for a free estimate on your scrap metal or scrap cars along with any dismantling or clearance.

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