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Scrap Car Doreen Victoria

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2019)


Scrap Car Doreen Victoria

We want to buy any car in the Doreen. We don’t just buy scrap cars in Melbourne northern suburbs, we’re prepared to give you a personalized and honest car scrap valuation of what the car is actually worth. We’re not just an automated website that fires out valuations from a database. Call our Scrap Car Doreen Victoria expert assessment team and they will discuss your car in more detail to decide what the best option for the car is. If we decide that the car can be repaired and put back on the road, that’s what we’ll tell you and that’s what we’ll pay for! Perhaps we think we can get more for your vehicle at a specialized car wrecking yard in Melbourne that we know of, again, that’s what we’ll pay for. Wreckzone promise to give you an honest valuation for your car. So whatever state your car is in; a good runner, in need of repair, accident damaged, no road-worthy, on its way to the scrap yard, we want to hear from you.

Car Removal Procedure

We offer an easy, quick way to scrap your car by using our quote form, emailing us or calling up.

  • You would first describe your vehicle to us we will provide you with an exact quote there and then.
  • We then arrange a convenient time for us to collect your vehicle, which would be anytime in the week between 8am-8pm, and 9am-4pm weekends.
  • The vehicle would then be removed by licensed waste carriers via a recovery truck
  • The vehicle will then be disposed in an environmentally-friendly method (de-polluted of all fuel and liquids and tyres removed)
  • The remaining metal is then crushed and recycled

Are you looking for a friendly and reliable scrap car company who can turn your unwanted vehicle into INSTANT CASH?


We believe that our Scrap Car Doreen Victoria service is different from other scrap car services in the city of Melbourne. While there are numerous other businesses who will offer to scrap your car, we believe that our Scrap Car Doreen Victoria service is your best option. We are a family business, and have been running for over forty years. We work throughout the Doreen and can pick up your car even if our Scrap Car Doreen Victoria service is not for you. If you are in Doreen, and need to scrap your car, then it is time to get in touch.

As well as our many years of experience, and excellent service, our Scrap Car Doreen Victoria service is different from the rest because it is incredibly cost effective. When you call us for a quotation on our Scrap Car Doreen Victoria service we will not charge you a penny. There is no obligation once you have received our Scrap Car Doreen Victoria quotation, so don’t worry if you decide that our service is not for you.

If you do decide to opt for our Scrap Car Doreen Victoria service, then you will be happy to know that our car pick up service is also completely free. Our Scrap Car Doreen Victoria service will provide you with friendly drivers and pick-up trucks to collect your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is domestic or commercial, our Scrap Car Doreen Victoria service will take care of either. We can even scrap multiple cars if you have more than one vehicle which requires scrapping.

Used Car Parts Doreen

We have a large variety of exchange alternators for all popular car makes and models. This includes:

For a smooth car removal experience in Doreen area, call Wreckzone now at 04 4922 2425.

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